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The HVAC Module is an optional IBIS® Module that integrates to what is arguably, the most important system in the building, the HVAC System. HVAC systems are the biggest energy consumers and generally trigger a majority of the trouble calls. However, by using prebuilt pattern recognition algorithms, the module will analyze hardware and software points, prepare equipment performance/status reports and automate their distribution, thus enabling engineers to cut down on problem resolution time. These reports become part of a routine check by building engineers to identify, address and document HVAC related issues. While a typical facility has multiple HVAC and Control systems, IBIS provides you with one look and feel regardless of the system brand and communication protocol. IBIS allows engineers to focus on the comfort of occupants instead of the technicalities involved in managing disparate systems.

  • Seamless Consolidation of Disparate BMS's
  • Complete HVAC Control & Monitoring
  • HVAC Performance (KW/ton) monitoring
  • 3D Equipment Modeling
  • Alarming & Notifications
  • Vendor & Protocol Agnostic Solution
  • Scheduling & Overrides
  • Validate HVAC Savings Plans

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